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  1. Alright- so i haven't written dickall on here for years- but i guess im into this thread. http://www.bookdumper.tumblr.com this is my job all day. you want a book i gotta book. you gotta book? i already got that book. oh but dang- Murder is my Business is pretty tight - crime scene photographer bio on WeeGee
  2. http://vimeo.com/18787571 GUMMO 2 a time traveling/train hopping ded kat
  3. found this--- not too much more informative i guess http://animalnewyork.com/2011/07/norwegian-terrorist-used-to-bomb-oslo-%E2%80%A6-with-graffiti/
  4. i'll keep it brief... Drank a liter and a half of jameson with some broad in chicago... fooled around- slapped her around- did a rough-bit type thing then passed the fuck out. woke up and she was standing over the bed saying "what the fuck is that in the bed?" i pull back the sheets and see a giant flattened shit pancake--- to my relief i notice that when she turns around the hershey highway is coming out of her ass and mine is clean. biggest bummer is that we were passed out so hard from drinking so much that we had spooned and rolled around in our sleep leaving dried mini pancakes all over my thighs and stomach. oh- i've also pissed at least half a dozen girls beds.
  5. in san antonio, not familiar with the city. just lookin for a place to bench some trains. was wondering if anyone knew of a couple of nice spots. message me if you want to get at me.
  6. that habits is fresh bump it like the e-fags
  7. try taking the fact that you know a lil bit of french to a bar where some bitch might be impressed. homie was just trying to be helpful.
  8. Murakami liked those pieces so much he had them take that billboard down so he could keep it for himself
  9. schools back in -- cant hang around with you cats as much mom says got who i could
  10. from a few days ago im out for today- more tomorrow
  11. here are todays flicks more
  12. i just flicked the pieces on that... i wasn't too impressed with the door
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