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  1. Power -2013 Video of this piece and some other productions as well
  2. Makineasykills Hahahaha word! Bastard... burning that hard Totem! ;)
  3. Yeah you're right, the Bronx store is their flag ship. The Essex store is smaller but nice aswell.
  4. Thanks man! Yeah you've gotta buy paint. I was lucky the car was available that day, apparantly someone canceled but it can be quite busy from what I've heard so making an appointment is recommended. They've also got a spot up in Bronx.
  5. Last page was flaming, lets make this at least as good! POWER, New York, Tuff City. Video of me painting it:
  6. That FUA wall is burning Makineasykills! ;)
  7. Monestar, it's really nice but maybe you should use a smaller pen for the lines that doesn't bleed out as much? Is it Sharpie you're using now? The pilot Fineliner is great for small clean work and Pilot Signpen is awesome for the thicker lines. =) ansichrist, really nice style on that one! And the highlights are great! =)
  8. What's this passaround blackbooks you're talking about? Some project? Sound cool!
  9. I think the point's been made now with all desirable clarity. Thanks KWG and sayWORD! Really beautiful faces sayWORD?!
  10. Haha, I didn't realize this thread has turned out to be some childrens playground. Amusing as it is, I'd like to see some nice sketches get posted now and not see another word about the absorb sketches or the guy himself. We've wasted enough time and space on that in this thread... :)
  11. Just letting them colors go wild... ;) POWER
  12. A little something for the lady :) Christin
  13. Really nice style Pertplus1!
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