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  1. You Go Girl is pretty up in New Orleans....
  2. Bump Mouth's post And still more beef goes on...
  3. Neck Face is dope and always has been. Get over it.
  4. It takes about 13 days to arrive to you from hte US
  5. Dude, Heirkb I told everyone that I owed shit to to PM me. I never got your PM so sorry dude. PM your order and I'll sort it out. And it's smooth-nuts, I didn't make that account myself.
  6. Hahahahhahaahhaha, your post is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. First you say, "Don't waste money on oink, but you tell us to BUY CORIO OR NERO WHICH COSTS MONEY AND IS MORE EXSPENSIVE for less power? Fuck you kid.
  7. Only 3 of them are dry erase, and you canrefill all of those markers......
  8. i wa ssurprised how fast shit comes from china too, damn asians fast!
  9. fom china and made in china
  10. Hooray fro free markers rom China! All refillable too
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