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  1. ... the fuck? on another note, i'm enjoying the virgin mary, brok, skorn, and unfinished kode pieces.
  2. avert and erabik are making me wish i didn't oversleep yesterday. illest out!
  3. He's a MARINE... War is his job. You even said your boys didn't go for the war what so ever... they know what they're potentially getting themselves into.
  4. Hahaha, some dude did an Amaze (peep the Big Shit Poppin... Lil Shit Stoppin)
  5. in all honesty... shef is one of the trillest motherfuckers in the set. this shit isn't even an inth of what he does stateside. bk's. bitch killers. big kaboom. get the fuck home already. ps: and to the people that are hating, i know a few of you guys are doing it strictly because you guys would and it's expected of you, being who you are and whatnot... but to those of you who don't know shit about shit and are just bitching because you're on some antiwar pacifist change-the-world faggotry... eat a fucking dick. your whining changes nothing, it never will, and you're not out the
  6. i'll give it to the nigga, that sumoe rules is probably one of the most well done spots houston has seen in a long time.
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