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  1. i like phear anyone see that
  2. Craz-E


    after much questioning and accusation, he was allowed to be released piggies
  3. Craz-E


    appreciate the responses.
  4. Craz-E


    my friend was wondering if he can get busted for someone telling his name to someone without any real proof of him doing any graf. i think his name was given and now they are trying to pin it to him. i know i sound like a noob.
  5. Craz-E

    Graf Videos

    im trying this videodownloader site right now. ill check those 2 sites out later but thanks a lot bro
  6. This site can be so frustrating sometimes. You have to be dumb to think people are cops for saying some shit, like a fucking retard. Some of the shit I've seen: Person asks what a tag says because they can't read it....They're a cop Person asks what city something is from...They're a cop Person asks for graf videos...They're a cop you're giving writers a bad name with all this jumping to conclusion bullshit. How would a cop get someone in trouble for sharing videos of graffiti. Know the law, it's isn't illegal to share videos of graffiti.
  7. Craz-E

    Graf Videos

    how would i do that since youtube is impossible to take vids from.
  8. Craz-E

    Graf Videos

    wow youre my hero i dont get why i would get shit for this thread
  9. Craz-E

    Graf Videos

    I'm doing a project for school that I really slacked on and I gotta put together some graf for a video I am making. I really would appreciate if you could send me the files for your graf videos. Thanks I really appreciate it. If you don't want to don't worry about it but it would help me out a lot because this is a big deal for school. It would really help me out a lot. thanks
  10. wtf my mom started graf, not his. that cunt stole her name
  11. Craz-E


    oh shit japan has sick style. sick
  12. Just a stupid question I was thinking about. How many of you here write or have ever written with girls?
  13. yeah some simples i have done.... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v222/ashntroll/S4010075.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v222/ashntroll/S4010072.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v222/ashntroll/S4010093-1.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v222/ashntroll/S4010077.jpg havent been doing them recently but i dont know how that will help my throwies
  14. yeah whats a simple throw look like. two fucking block letters
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