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Everything posted by nxrto

  1. Don't you usually get your dranks for free? No homo of course, "br0".
  2. Wow... that slayer tattoo must be one of the worst i've ever seen...
  3. Woke up this morning with two bitches in my bed and I can't remember how they got there haha Manute spend the whole night in the bathroom throwing up while I was fucking those bitches haha. Can't even remember how we got back from the party, shit was crazy hahaha. Gonna blow some lines right now to get rid of this fucking hangoverrrr PS. Yo Manute: H0lla at me Dawg!
  4. Just got these two: Stay High 149 Ghost:
  5. Euhmm.. aren't you supposed to be in charge here....?
  6. Word. To hide his dysfunctional personality SwampFaggotOner makes up stories which usually go like this: So I was at this bar one night with my brother blowing lines and getting drunk. The most GORGEOUS chick ever wanted to have sex with me but I said no (no homo). Then me and my br0 got into a fight with like 10 guys and we kicked the shit out of them -stupid faggots. After that we went to a deli which a friend of mine owns so we got free food and drinks. Shit was DELICIOUSLY good. Then we picked up some horny bitches on the way home and had sex, coke and booze for two days straight. My life is awesome, I am awesome, everybody thinks I am awesome, I am just fucking awesome (no homo). End of story.
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