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  1. lolbus.net Boston based website about the fucking weirdos of public transportation. Run by 2 graff writers.
  2. Just a website I started with a friend of mine to expose the world to the oddities of public transportation. I know, I know, there are other websites dedicated to this subject, but ours has a better fucking name. check it out, share the site, submit pictures/stories, whatever. by the way, its ran by 2 graff writers, so I felt it was relevant enough for 12oz. lolbus.net
  3. http://onthet.tumblr.com pictures of fucked up shit/people and stories on the MBTA. check it out, submit pics, videos, stories from taking the T. we all know people who ride the T see some fucked up shit, all the time. and with everyone having a camera phone, and no cares, pictures are taken. share them here!!!
  4. cool story bro. while you're sitting here and complaining, though they're old, I'm still posting flicks. do an IOWA and fall off a tube onto the highway about it, faggot. REST IN PEACE: :lol:
  5. too much yapping in this thread, not enough flick posting =
  6. spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank! I had actually found out about andrews passing through a crew brothers ex. shit hit me mad hard, ive been gone from the bay 6 years. but I still remember going to andrews house in the middle of the night to meet up with everyone, play some Vice City, talk shit and then put in some work. Late night 'beat boxing' techno songs about random shit. Fuck, I miss everyone. Rest In Peace Andrew! hopefully you and Woodie wood are Norte Sidin' together. Often imitated, Never duplicated.
  7. yes, there were flicks from 2004. nothing later than that, cause I left the bay in jan of 05. but flicks date from 96 to 04.
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