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  1. Trying to put the kids to bed so I can hit the spare room with the mrs and smash it like an Idaho potato
  2. Most my hustles are weed related but since you excluded that its gaming. Street fighter tournaments or tutoring or twitch. You just got to get good at a game and have a personality.
  3. Tossing on the vr headset when she's not looking
  4. Dear cottenelle, Why must you be so soft and a treat to use but clog my shit up all the time.
  5. Alright I didnt have time to post them the other day but this was my day at Evo2018 in vegas. Short story long, evo is a fighting game tournament in vegas. I got drunk and entered for street fighter V. I finished something like 247 out of 2500. Just outside of the money. I was hungover for most of my matches. It's pretty nerdy but it's my hobby.
  6. Bottle service at e11even in Miami. Now I'm having sleep for dinner and sugar sandwiches for breakfast.
  7. Dear ch0, Welcome back fam.
  8. In the shitter contemplating my lifes mistakes.
  9. Yes sir it was. It's just what I was watching as I made the account.
  10. Joined in pre 07 under zerocool. Came back as magnum. Joined because ebph was always on this shit at my house. Met a bunch of folks from here during one of the bay area meetups. Havent broken into a spot or painted in over a decade probably. I still fantasize about it. I got married to a girl i hated in high school. We got 2 kids. She apparently knows some other head from this site I just forget what he posted under. Got a chill job as a qa manager at a mobile development spot. It pays the bills but I need to do something for myself. I dont do shit anymore but hustle and grind and do nerdy shit like compete in street fighter tournaments.
  11. Fried chicken sandwich at some spot in North Beach.
  12. When skinny asians dress up in suits it looks like they know magic
  13. Yard work. Maybe home depot. Might get a little crazy.
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