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  1. Garage gyming. After a long time back injury.
  2. Ebph made me come here. You guys made me stay.
  3. I dont know if any spot has SF bay area beat in homeless. Were talking about zombie horses of homeless everywhere.
  4. You all are old. I was young when I joined late. But I'm creeping up there.
  5. Clam and underneath pep from Golden Boy. Bottom just sauce and basil from slice house next to the ball park.
  6. Naw man. I'm just a nigga that loves food. Plus I'm ugly as hell. My dad told me if I ever wanted pussy I better learn how to tell jokes and cook a meal
  7. Nope. But I was there for a dope 12 oz relationship. Shout out to Milky and 88. I can live vicariously through the homies.
  8. Pretty much yeah. The goal is to amass 10's of thousands worth of it and when my kids get older they can fight over who gets to keep em. Or they can sell em if they ever get in trouble or need the quick cash.
  9. Dear Pornhub, Can we relax with the step fam porn. Like I never had step siblings and friends that I knew that them never tried to fuck em. You just need to chill with every 2nd video being family members who fuck. I'm trying to get to the good stuff but going below 50% everytime I have to scroll past a ton of taboo shit.
  10. Started collecting silver and gold. Most notably buffalo currency. I belong to the water buffalos so I started just collecting anything buffalo. Bonus. Coin from john wick in .9999 silver.
  11. Watched old Uncle Manny put hands on Thurman. Got drunk.
  12. Some of these women bro.....I'd crawl on my hand knees 4 miles over broken glass to have these bitches fart in my mouth
  13. Oyster with tobiko, bone marrow and truffle pate, prep work, duckfat pineapple wagyu beef fried rice, pan seared a5 with seaweed butter, miso glazed vegetables
  14. Got super drunk last night. Didnt get an interior shot cause I was so fucked up. Dont even remember grilling. Butter knife for scale tho.
  15. Went to a beach in Inverness Ca called hearts desire beach. Its across the way from tomales bay oyster company. Bought 509 bucks worth of oysters, clams, mussels, and a ton of other meat and grilled up with bunch of randoms. Some old divorcee tried to blow me but I'm a married spud.
  16. Vietnamese iced coffee ice cream made by my kitchenaid ice cream mixer.
  17. Crown roast of lamb. Picked up 2 racks last minute on my way home from work. Frenched them and made the crown then smoked to an internal of 130f, let the carry over happen to 140f, and then tossed some porcini wild rice in the middle.
  18. Swallow a dick up and the guy attached to it. Gawd damn.
  19. It wasnt my place to post this since many others knew him so well but the couple times I hung out with dude, enough cant be said. His crazy ass adventures with EBPH, he was always solid with me and he couldve lit up any damn room with his personality. You'll be missed bro.
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