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  1. It's not in yet but I flipped a pack and after i did I bought me a 6mm rope chain. I been listening to too much hustle rap lately and I had the itch to get myself something nice.
  2. I've been married for 6 years. My low point is waiting until the kids are asleep so I can jerk off on the couch to molly porn.
  3. Lobster pho, pork belly buns, oxtail fried rice, beef carpaccio
  4. I was hitting them with the I bet you dont know how to play against this character tech.
  5. I entered in Evo 2019 for streetfighter 5. I got 250 out of 2000 entrants. Lost to a japanese player I shouldnt have lost too. I had a fun time meeting a bunch of people, drinking with old friends, and being treated like a star when I surprised people in my pools.
  6. They ain't cheap bro. Also go on the higher end of your budget. Also check open box specials and shit. I own 2 smokers and it's clear as day that one outperforms the other in every way
  7. Yeah I had tickets for both days. Was to exhausted to go back the second day.
  8. Went to the Gilroy Garlic festival on the day there wasnt a mass shooting. Thank god I didnt go back the following day. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/us/live-news/gilroy-california-shooting-intl-hnk/index.html
  9. Plotting on how I can get my wifes sis to strip in the corner while I play guy fieri and take the mrs pussy to flavortown
  10. Drunk af off of mojitos. Squeezed out a smoked prime rib and cream spinach. Like a mufuckin boss.
  11. Didnt want to dig too far deep to find appropriate thread. Just going to leave this here.
  12. Cucumber and lox salad with feta and tomatoes from the garden.
  13. It's hot af so I'm making the mrs a panty dropper. Watermelon mojito. Didnt have a highball but masons are multi purpose.
  14. Waiting to get cut by my barber. I'm not hood at all but my barber is. I dont trust any barber unless it's a dude from the hood with clean sneakers. You know hes not going to fuck your head up like the vietnamese down the street.
  15. Oh shit. That was Ayebee right. Damn that dude was solid.
  16. Benny the butcher. The dude makes me want to quit my job and start selling weight.
  17. Drunkposting girls I've slept with
  18. Who had Ruger Hauer. Apparently he died today.
  19. Yeah SFV. I main Fang. I'm going to evo this year to compete again. I got 257 out of 2500 last year. Made a highlight clip.
  20. White boy socal reggae. It's disgusting but apparently I'm a sophomore white girl from Santa Barbara.
  21. It evolved into backpage and then that shit got shut down.
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