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  1. It's an arcade. Its last day was yesterday. Sad. Go search up Kawasaki Warehouse. They got better pics. But the building is set to mimic the corroded buildings in Kowloon china. So this underground arcade had a very grimy and dirty feel. It was dope.
  2. Louis V duffel at a secondhand store in japan for 5 hundo. Only wear was at the bottom of the duffel and it wasnt even bad. Second pic is price on the duffel brand new. I'm about to come back to the states bagged up and flip all this shit.
  3. A5 wagyu on a skewer topped with uni and some sort of teriyaki sauce.
  4. Just walking around shinjuku. I decided to take a trip solo for some soul searching. Went to the famous fish market, had Ichiran ramen, bought a couple designer bags, went to shinjuku gardens, ate an izakaya, went and prayed at a temple. I'm resting up now before I head out to drink at Golden Gai and piss alley.
  5. @Schnitzelyeah. I was in India for work. I went to a bunch of palaces and shit too. Now I'm in tokyo for leisure. Some pics of my day incoming
  6. Going to Portland OR. Anyone got any food or bar recs? It's been 12 years since I was here last.
  7. I was a fucking maniac in high school. I got a grip of god damn stories. I'll give you a party story to start. Backstory, I was well connected and could get anything I wanted and i used my status to fuck whoever. So my ex dumps me and I'm a little heartbroken. I go onto a coke and molly fueled rage with a group of girls that were friends but all at different times in one day. So girl one comes over, we smash, she starts crying cause she just cheated on her boyfriend. Fuck it that's not my problem so I boot her out. Girl2 comes I'm even more inebriated and I get the camera out. Molly makes me puke all over her back she gets upset and bounces. Girl 3 comes and I caught my second wind I dont remember much of it until the morning when my sister walks in to check up on me. Theres empty bottles, coke mirror, a bunch of pills on the floor, I'm naked on the floor, girls naked in my bed, puke on the counter. My sister damn near had a heart attack. Get to school on monday these 3 bitches told each other. Guess some of them caught feelings and they stopped being friends. Even to this day they're no longer friends.
  8. Remembering my best friend that was gunned down 2 years ago. The weights been heavy lately. Feeling hopeless. Miss you bro.
  9. Forgot to get a pic after I pulled the chicken but trust it was authentic pulled chicken bbq.
  10. Plain old missionary. Ain't nothing wrong getting down like the good lord intended
  11. Fried chicken sandwiches from fast food joints.
  12. Tickets to Heiro day. Excited to see the Griselda fam. Benny the butcher has been on repeat as of late.
  13. Pull up. I'm outside or let's fight.
  14. Been trying this keto shit. It's good. But the shit like people say "daikon is a good sub for potatos" uhhh no it's not. Just eat a potato on a chest meal day.
  15. To whom it may concern, Here's a shit story from the past. so i just started dating this girl, 3 months into it she takes me to her moms house but like on the ride over i got the bg's something fierce. so we get in im trying to be all cordial and waiting a second so its not like i just walked in shook hand and spilled some volcano ass. her mom starts talking up a storm. im fucking sweating bullets. cold sweats. her mom finally shuts up and i bee line to the basement bathroom where im sure no ones around. i get in and i lock the door. but its coming..... i whip down my pants and before i make it to the toilet i shit all over her floor
  16. Bruh. No one hides under desks like me
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