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  1. Yeah smoked bbq and noodle soup just make sense flavor wise.
  2. Did this last week. Was craving American BBQ and pho, why not combine the two. Decided to use holy cow from meat church as a rub with some Chinese 5 spice and smoke a short rib and add it to some homemade pho broth.
  3. Try calling Whole Foods, the one near me just started carrying it a couple weeks ago. Getting it shipped online might be mad expensive.
  4. Japanese market. Wasn’t too bad.
  5. Been a couple weeks since I got back from Japan, guess my mind still there. made some uni rice for dinner last night, Roy Choi adapted recipe. simple ass sashimi and miso soup for breks.
  6. Yump. Hakushu 12, Yamazaki 12 and 18, and a bunch of random hibikis
  7. I went to Tokyo for a couple days and then took the Shinkansen to osaka and kyoto, I’m trying to go back soon and get more pics
  8. It’s pretty fun, I bought tickets as soon as they opened up but I had hella credit card points since Covid, so I got the airfare for free and the hotel was mad cheap.
  9. Just got back from a dolo trip to Japan. Didn’t know where else to post these. Shit was fun, wish I had more time, didn’t start getting into mypicture taking groove until mad late into the trip due to Japanese whiskey being so cheap.
  10. Been craving Indian lately, Tandoori, butter chicken, mattar paneer, garlic Naan
  11. Yeah, and it was probably the best thing on the plate?
  12. Decent picture but the shit was wack. Gabrage NorCal bbq.
  13. Some regular Carne Asada from a truck down the street. Paper plate. Check. Pickled carrots and jalapeños. Check. Thin ass napkins that don’t do shit, you need 60 of them mother fuckas while you eat. You god damn bet ya.
  14. Yes the battle outfit at the end @nicklesndimes
  15. Magnum OPiss


    Working in gaming has killed all fun in actual gaming minus street fighter which I compete in sometimes.
  16. Here’s one I did a couple years back. Horrendous crop on the pic but you get the jist.
  17. Crying about my make believe football team going 1-3
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