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  1. feminists against hate speech, violence and agression using all three.
  2. i fucking love the social justice blogs on tumblr, i could masturbate to their butthurt tears for days
  3. that whole "civilian militia" thing might come back to bite them in the arse.
  4. false, my family loves me because im not an asshole. tpbm can auto-fellate.
  5. yet at the same time very necessary. http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/brothers-in-arms-yes-but-the-us-needs-to-get-rid-of-its-guns-20120731-23ct7.html our former PM, John Howard, wrote a fantastic article for the Herald and it raises a lot of good points that might be hard to see from someone within the country. it was written in August of this year but it rings truer than ever in light of recent events.
  6. That is what the stranger outside Union Square station said to me as I waited for my friend. I was minding my own business; waiting for her. I am sure you could ask any womyn on the street if they have experienced sexual harassment while going about their business in New York and hear a similar story. And my story, like so many others, started with a man intruding upon my space, while using sexually aggressive language that was neither asked for nor welcome. "Fuck off" This was my response. Concise, prefunctory, New York style language. Clear and to the point: I wanted nothing to do with this walking piece of shit we call 'a man'. I was enjoying a perfectly lovely evening. The weather was gloomy, but I have always liked the rain and creative writing. I had no issue waiting outside for my friend, apart from all the usual wimmin's issues of course. I have every right to spend time in the public sphere without other people intruding on my safe space. But this is not reality. "I'm sorry for offending you, I only asked if you have the time." Being badgered, pestered and harassed is something no individual should be forced to experience. It's not just a request for the time. I do not know you. I have never seen you before. I do not find your temporal ignorance attractive and your attempts to make me check my watch is not a turn on. Which I told you. But apparently because I am a womyn, you have the right to harass me and continue speaking when I tell you that you are fucking scuuuuuum. When I tell you that I do not want to talk to you, and to please leave me alone. You paced back and forth apologizing. Onlookers stared. No one beat the shit out of you for me. No one tried to get the attention of the police officer just inside the station. "Listen, I just wanted to know the time..." THE TIME? I am a womyn. I am a person. I am a human being, with rights, dignity, and autonomy. I am not something to be objectified. I am not something for you to project your own hatred towards wimmin. "I'm sorry to have offended you, I certainly did not mean to." So many people like to believe that the feminist movement is over. Wimmin can vote, they can work, we can demand control over the useless pieces of trash called males. But the feminist movement is not over. Because occurances like mine are a daily experience for countless wimmin. Because I can not try to go to the movies with a friend without this lower life form thinking he has the privilege to speak to me. When I heard those words come out of your mouth -"Do you have the time," something in me snapped. In an instant, every single word I have ever read by Selma James, Judith Butler, Wendy Brown, Simone de Beauvoir, Catherine MacKinnon and so many others came over me in a rush. But the one retort that blared in my mind was the words of oft-vilified Catherine MacKinnon: "Sure, I'll check my watch - just as soon as you check your privilege." "There is a police officer in this station, and I am reporting you. Now." I turned on my heel, deaf to your slurs, deaf to your shouts of "please, that's really not necessary". Oh believe me, it's necessary. I am showing you that I am not an inanimate object. That I am not weak. That I am not something to be demeaned and intimidated. The police officer and I tried to find you. A gentleman on the street pointed us in the direction you went. This man saw everything, but did nothing. We searched for you, but you were gone. And then I let myself cry, because feminist tears are powerful. In the middle of the crowded street outside Union Station, I silently felt hot tears run down my cheeks. I only nodded when the police officer said he wished he could find the guy. My mouth pursed in a hard line when he said that you the guy "committed no crime". That he "was probably just running late and didn't want to miss his train". And in the back of my mind, the words of those feminist theorists that I so admire whispered to me that you were victimized by this man. You are the symptom of a society built upon the oppression of others. And the mentality of this police officer does nothing but normalize the casual attitude of violence against wimmin. I still met up with my friend. I still got dinner with her, still went to the movies. You will not rob me of my dignity or my happiness. I am a survivor of sexual assault, and I have counseled and supported so many other wimmin like me, who have been asked the time or for directions by men while in their safe spaces. I am the survivor of an abusive parent, under whose authority I at times genuinely believed I would not be bought everything I wanted. I have survived so much and you will not break me. You will not rob me of my identity or autonomy. You do not have that power over me. On my walk home, I ran through the scenario countless times. In my mind, I sized you up, wondering if I could have taken you in a fight if you had tried to attack me - because I do not believe anyone would have intervened. I am a 5'8" 465 pound beautiful proud womyn who don't need no man and my psychiatrist at the mental institution I was recently released from did not fuck around. I am fat. But despite my weight, I can be harassed and threatened. My very life can be put on the line. I am fat, and I am intelligent. I have a college education (Wimmin's Studies represent!). I have written over a hundred pages of feminist theory which have won me the respect of other bloggers and the admiration of ShitRedditSays. I have been on welfare all my adult life, and YOU will not bring me down. You, with your needing to know the time, with your dismissive attitude towards my identity as a human being. You are all too common. I can walk down the street and find another walking dildo just like you, harassing another womyn just like me. But there is an important difference between you and I. You live your life filled with hate towards wimmin, under the belief that you can intimidate us, threaten us, demean us, and ask us the time. And you are wrong. We will not let you take away from us what is most important: our identity. We are human. We have a voice. And it will not be silenced. I am literally every womyn.
  7. right, like an 8,000 mile trip in 12 days. im glad we agree :) there's a smiley for you, i like to assume it's a vegan-friendly smiley.
  8. yeah but in 12 days you listed ~13 great things to do, that averages out to less than a day in each spot. you basically window shopped all of the places that should take a lot more time to properly see. considering the driving time to complete 8,000ish miles, i'm not so sure that it takes much imagination to think that you had a pretty rushed trip. the worst part about having my friends backpacking with me was that we were constricted by time and bookings--we always had somewhere to be going next, we couldn't spend more time in the great places and less time in the shitty ones. now, i get to do what i want. i got bored of germany one day so i packed my shit and came to poland. i work in a hostel--that's probably why i'm predisposed to viewing the people doing one country every one/two/three days as part of their "trip" as people who are really missing out. different strokes for different blokes, or something, i personally would have felt that i saw more if i camped in maybe two--at a stretch, three--national parks for the whole time whilst doing some of the other shit.
  9. what's the point? you miss everything that can be seen or done along the way.
  10. you typed it wrong... in other news, i have an empty imperial witbier and a rauchmarzen (smoked Oktoberfestbier basically), the smoked beer was awesome, the wit--pretty solid too. i am seriously amazed at some of the quality eastern european micro's out there that will never be heard of. name 3 polish beers...see? edit*
  11. found this on a blog called 'about male privelege along with the sub-line; "I kinda thought of karma when I saw this." these dyke fucks would flip their shit were a man to do that, nevermind the fact that someone could have been seriously injured and that it's even the same bus in all of the photos.
  12. ^i dont care if you are a doctor! just fucking wow. not from the same blog but from the tumblr network. edit* new page;
  13. you let her leave the kitchen just to see a doctor? /wonksaggin
  14. brohypnol; you judging him for his life choices is a sign of male privilege and your unwillingness to accept pansexual-transgender identities in our post-neo-noire-society shows that you clearly hate all women and are probably a rapist too. on the reals though, you listened to a dude describing what he was going to wear, not listen to him bitch about perceived oppressions from a society that actually lets him do that shit (like the blog would have done)--hardly something to equate to this shit in here. clearly you suffer from homo-unerectus, basically your wang is hugified not by a woman, but by a man.
  15. that's almost precisely what i expected. i've always wondered which city would be the easiest and most rewarding to set up shop in and i always thought perth would be alluring because of the lack of local competition, but recently i've come to realise some of the hoops you have to jump through (as you clarified) are a bit too ridiculous. in germany, belgium and poland (from what i've experienced), it is too easy to set up a new micro but the competition kills the chances of succeeding. australia really does seem like a great place to set up but it is pretty unlikely perth would hold much of a prospect in the future. although having said that, i've surprisingly found LC brews in a bunch of western European countries, they seem to be doing it very right.
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