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Everything posted by woolylambath

  1. woolylambath

    What's better then Boxcars?

    fucking dope post !
  2. woolylambath

    The rescue of Mr. Fluff.

  3. woolylambath

    School is back in session

    word !
  4. woolylambath

    A lonely baboon

    word !
  5. woolylambath

    The Red, White, and Blues

    feelin all of it!---
  6. woolylambath

    2011 NW Pa freights (occasionally updated)

    fucking AWESOME----
  7. woolylambath

    End Of August Bench! 100+

    hell yes !---
  8. woolylambath

    caught in the middle (part 6)

    thanks man !---
  9. woolylambath

    caught in the middle (part 5)

    great bench, much appreciated !---
  10. woolylambath

    STUDIO 13

    fuck yes, good post---
  11. woolylambath

    Senior Citizen Sinners---

    Painting this weekend and I stumble upon a couple about 50 years old, who had driven through the spot only to stop and do dope for about an hour--- I talked to them a little bit, just enough to tell them I was ging to be painting the car right by them and not to worry--- If the old lady were any better looking i would have surely solicited her for prostitution---
  12. woolylambath

    taco train dos

    hell yessssss---
  13. woolylambath

    taco train

    awesome post g---
  14. woolylambath

    Midnight Tupac Hoochies---

    Done painting a few cars in a sketch ass spot in the ghetto, I head back to my ride and right as a pop out from between the lines theres some young hot little blonde hoochie bumpin tupac on her phone--- Startled at first, it takes me a second to ask her if she wants a ride--- She says no, then a few cars down turns and says something inaudible, but i can only imagine she was saying something along the lines of "my lack of dick sucking skills already got me kicked out of one dudes car, why do you think im walking home in the middle of the night?"---
  15. woolylambath

    That shit crazy

    so much good shit in here, you da man!---
  16. woolylambath

    Midnight Tupac Hoochies---

    I was so ready to catch an STD from that bitch too--- All found in AZ--- Bump the bumpable, hate the hated, and bench some of mine please---
  17. woolylambath

    Midnight Tupac Hoochies---

  18. woolylambath

    Midnight Tupac Hoochies---

  19. woolylambath

    Midnight Tupac Hoochies---

  20. woolylambath

    Midnight Tupac Hoochies---

  21. woolylambath

    boxxxa chocolates---

    Forrest Gumps mom was right--- life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what youre gonna get--- empty yards and being sunburned as fuck from 7 hours of swimming/ pool party/ jockin girls in their swimsuits yesterday make this a short post--- all arizona---
  22. woolylambath

    + ROAD TRIP BENCH REPORT: Rocky Mountains, Part 4...!! +

    nodakfreights , youre awesome--- thanks man---
  23. woolylambath

    * NORTH DAKOTA BENCH For 01-15 Aug 2011...!! *

  24. woolylambath

    No time for a clever name

  25. woolylambath

    Since i cant do shit this weekend....