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  1. UPS!

    Sex Addiction

    Well the worst part is that now that my girl and I have a year under our belt and we're getting serious I have to sort of keep it pent up. Last year(senior year of college) when I was single, I literally had a black book of atleast a dozen women I could text/call to arrange sex so I kept busy, and would constantly rotate or add to my stable.....that made things worse long term I'm sure, but at the time it kept me sedated as I was fucking literally three times a day minimum, that keeps you fed so to speak. Now though that I'm a one woman man things are growing more and more complicated....you can't exactly air things out to your women about how you think about banging anything that moves. I still have ''guy'' talks with my boys, but I don't see them as much and many of them are either wifed up or don't really have any game so that they could relate. I don't know how obvious it is to people, but whenever I'm out in public I sometimes literally lose myself in staring down girls and get caught up in my mind fucking. It's not always bad or distracting but sometimes it's so bad I can't pay attention to what my friends are saying to me because I'm salivating over some skirt across the room. Again there are way worse problems to have, but I do feel that I have become a bit consumed by it.
  2. UPS!


    Done... this should be interesting
  3. So...... we have a thread for the drunks and smack hounds(I mean that in the most loving way possible), but there are other forms of addiction. Alcoholism runs in my family, and I have had bouts with the bottle, but fortunately I have always managed to persevere without professional help. As far as drugs go, we all at least dabble at some point in our lives, but I have also managed to avoid any form of substance addiction. However, I have struggled for most of my post-adolescent life with sexual addiction. I'm not talking about beating my dick too many times a day or watching too much porn. What I ''suffer'' from on a daily basis is basically being consumed with around the clock sexual thoughts, urges and cravings that typically cannot be filled no matter how many times I get off. For a long time I thought sex addiction was made up, much the same way I thought drunkards blamed their habits on ''alcoholism as a disease''. Now that I am a bit older and a bit wiser I see that both are completely real things. There are a lot worse problems to have I know, believe me, but as comical as this might sound to some my sex drive is consuming a huge part of my life. Do any of my fellow Oonzters deal with anything similar?
  4. :lol: I geeked.....asshole No, Bathrobe Tony Soprano.... going to be smoking cigars and airing my balls out all night.
  5. I don't know...both Seattle and 49ers seem to have taken a step back. 49ers get their shit pushed in when playing solid teams. Seattle got hosed on that fumble call in St.Louis but still looked awful(other than my boy DangerRuss)... They remind me alot of the Ravens, during the regular season you don't know really what to make of them, but no one in the league wants to play any of those three in the playoffs. With Dallas, Philly, Green Bay & the arbitrary NFCS team.... It really comes down to who wins the contest between the two. I think the 49ers make it, Seattle continues the trend of Super Bowl hangovers.
  6. Why is everything in life that's fun and appealing either illegal or bad for your well being?
  7. UPS!


    If everyone who peeked in once every 6 months stayed around this place might actually turn itself around.... Still a great place to talk shit and waste time, but fuck I miss the old ounce. It's honestly better for my life though, I easily use to spend too much time on here.
  8. UPS!


    Since this seems to be the alcohol & drug dependency thread, could we also throw in sex addiction?
  9. Football is a funny thing. I never saw Dallas as being a real contender, but the season is only at the halfway mark. Either Seattle or the 49ers will miss the Playoffs....anyone want to make a bet?
  10. It's nice to see the Ravens stomping basically every team we play. It kills me that they could easily be undefeated or 6-1 more reasonably. This weekends game at Cincy will be a huge game in terms of setting the tone for the second half of the season. If the Ravens win convincingly @ the Bengals house, we easily take the AFCN and honestly other than the Broncos, Colts & Chargers there isn't a team in the AFC that could even dream of beating the Ravens right now. The Cowboys are looking legit, still they've never beaten the Ravens though..
  11. Just ate some Steak.... bout to start writing as soon as I have my coffee.
  12. Every week's different it seems. Last week against the Colts the Ravens looked like a high school football team, then they come out and make history. Go fucking figure.
  13. Says the fucking guy who couldn't pass a GED test. I know basically everything you've done in life was a mistake or a failure, but not pulling the trigger, well that was your biggest by far.
  14. How is anything I said an indication that I'm flexing my gangster credentials? Telling it like it is must mean you're trying to be a goon in Aussieland. These are what I call corner pockets, if you fail at landing the girl at the bar/party you want, this is what you take home. I feel like it's an obvious smash but some of you coons act like you're George Cloony. Man you're so fucking funny Fist, when's your comedy tour launching :rolleyes:
  15. The DL is keeping it on the DL. In all seriousness I'd love to help homie but my computer skillz are limited. That being said, I do agree you made a rookie mistake on this one, but what is more hypnotic than pussy? My boy is a Computer Science major and is learning all this hacking shit, I need to get him to teach me some shit just in case....nom saying?
  16. So how about my boy Bazooka Joe? I really wish they had let him go for the record, but i'll take a W and nearly 50 points on the road. Hell of a game yesterday, and no I don't care it was against the Bucs. Even though it eliminated me from my survivor pool I'm glad that Dallas embarrassed the Shithawks, their bandwagon fans are unbearable. All of a sudden Seattle looks just like another good team, not the demi-gods the media makes them out to be. The Giants performance last night is probably the worst I have seen this year other than the Bucs @ Atlanta earlier this year. Pathetic doesn't do them justice. I really wish the Bengals had lost, but we'll just take that AFCN crown the old fashion way. Have any of you actually gone to a game this year? I'm hoping to make the Baltimore-Titans game on November 4th.
  17. Did you see the Bengals-Patriots game? I've seen some bad calls, but never in my life has it been so blatant that the refs are trying to keep games close than the Skins-Hawks & Bengals-Patriots. Like there aren't enough flags anyway, but when they're that one sided it just becomes unwatchable. I stand by my statement that there needs to be less teams, thus providing more quality teams to compete. Upsets happen, but there are way too many trash teams in the league to be talking about adding yet another team.
  18. Coming from someone who admittedly can only score trailer trash boil infested welfare hicks that's rich, really rich. Safe to say even the ''trash'' girls in her would trash you. To each their own, but can you at least sever your nuts off to save the gene pool any further dilution.
  19. As long as the quality stays the same, I don't care if they make them until every cast member dies.
  20. Facts are facts. Some men like women, some men like men. The only thing you find wrong with her is the color of her skin. If that doesn't get your little pecker stiff then obviously you know you can't handle a full bodied woman and are afraid that you'll bust before she even makes a sound. Typically guys like that go for tiny girls, makes their dick look bigger and it's easier to fuck a woman the size of a munchkin.
  21. There are some teams I just really don't understand how people are fans of. Call it loyalty or whatever you want, some organizations just don't belong at an NFL level. I actually think there should be less teams, and in-spite of all the recent blowouts I think it would be worth exploring, except that it will never happen. There just aren't enough good players to fill the rosters of 32 teams. When you have guys like Rodgers, (vintage) Brady, and Manning, it's very hard for a team without a guy like that to even compete. That being said..... I don't see but maybe three or four teams in the AFC that could hang with the Ravens, we're about to face one of them. If the Ravens beat the Colts convincingly, we'll start talking Vegas odds on another run.
  22. I thought season 8 was as good as any of them, hell maybe better since it was in HD. It felt true to the TPB universe, and I feel like they have never been good at ending them, but it's impossible to really end something well when you're not ready to let go. Pleeeeease let there be a season 9.
  23. If you wouldn't hit this you're either a racist or a faggot. Probably both since they go hand in hand typically.
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