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  1. The link is no good anymore, so my understanding of this is that a few places were all tagged and they found out this guy did it because they looked at his gps and it went between all those spots? fucking big brother is watching us, god damnit.
  2. So vs. bricks and crap, great idea. Most of the stuff we tag though, is already painted. Meaning they laser off all the paint with the heat/sound energy, then the paint is gone. Meaning they have to paint over it again. So the logical thing for them to do is just paint without using a laser, seeing as they end up painting either way. Hahahahahaha this is a terrible way to get rid of graffiti.
  3. If someones rich.... why care? Not liking somebodies graff just because of their background is completely retarded.
  4. Thanks for writing that. I liked reading it and it's most definitely true.
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