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  1. i don't know who you are or care, just stop doing stupid shit in freight spots. Your not the only one painting those spots.
  2. you guys should stop leaving cans and shit in this spot... and don't tag the cement inside the spot too. OR PAINT THE ENGINES. You fucking toys. Also don't post a bunch of trains at the spot where you painted them with the numbers. THe fuck is wrong with you....
  3. yea this page is full of garbage neon graffiti, what happened pittsburgh?
  4. thats monk, and thats begr. Both those guys have been writing for a long time. i know your probably like seventeen and live with your mom, but seriously get with it and find a real name.
  5. BEGR by toxic waste dump, on Flickr
  6. Monk by MentalRelease, on Flickr
  7. Don't just go over people, not on panels painted together and especially don't leave them hanging. Who did you go over?
  8. jesus christ what happened to the burgh
  9. Damn rexy, that sounds like a pretty boring hobby. You just come on here to give your ill informed opinion to bunch of people that don't care what you have to say, from an anonymous screen name. I mean at least you can just be a jagoff and fit in with the crowd by getting drunk and yelling at the screen. But to be a graff spectator you have to give up time from , sit on your computer, and type out your opinion on something you don't fully understand. I mean in that time you wasted doing that you could be getting head, eating a burrito, I mean even just sitting in the park getting some vitamin
  10. i've noticed you have a lot of dumb ass opinions on someone elses crew. Thats cute...
  11. i'm not saying what the kid did is right, but anyone that has painted down there knows that the most faded piece, to the point where its almost illegible. You almost can't see it in the daylight, and you cant at night. I give that kid points because him and astro some of the only kids just doing street shit in pittsburgh.
  12. "some AM outta state shit, sorry for promo but how the fuck else are we gonna get this shit up in the city that sources the crew" if its not from here, don't post it here. no one likes self promo anyways. its just common sense dude. am isn't even from here. your only posts are just flicks of you and your friends.
  13. dude believe it or not i've seen even gayer things happen off the internet. real life can get even gayer than the internet. :cool:
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