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  1. $ych3


    Puertorico? Nice keep up the good work.
  2. Yeah its Above and Gosh on the old Denver post. Neither is DHS
  3. No need for threats. It's been dropped!
  4. oh yeah. I dropped it along time ago look at my post.
  5. Your gettin hard on me like I'm the one who kept of going if any one needs checking its your boy so why come at me stupid? Yeah I'm a little kid blah blah blah but maybe you should tell your boy Wussup and not me try to make of seem like I'M THE TROUBLE MAKER here WRONG. But ofcourse you'll choose your CREW over anyone else. This isn't said in any form of disrespect so don't get "CRAZY" "big homie". You act like I'm talking big about TKO being cocky or anything. Stay up I'm out.
  6. Yeah up to 18 years. Fucking idiot shoulda just dropped burners on all the police stations then maybe it woulda been worth it.
  7. $ych3


    Bump that babes that's crisp.
  8. 12 oz. Is FUCKED same shit on every thread and its hilarious.
  9. Seriously who cares haha me and satu even killed together no need for all that gossip.
  10. Thank you. All the talk is pointless ill be back on Denver next week much love I'm out.
  11. Damn you keep talking your your not making yourself look Any better or anything like I said its dropped here stop talking about. And if its such a big deal to you come to Denver and handle it. That's enough
  12. Anyways. More pictures less gossip woke people don't seem to understand.
  13. Haha oh man. Read back a few post Chazzy boy isn't referred to you. your in some other state you got style whatever I'm not worried you keep on trying to escalate this more and more but in reality it ain't going anywhere last I checked it was dropped a few post back and I even posted flicks to stop it. You really have hate towards me that's on you get at me when.your in Denver or something. I said pm me so we can just keep it off the thread not to call you out or anything big guy. So like I said its dropped theirs no point in arguing and if you really have so much hate to keep talking find me when your here. With respect from:Me :eek:
  14. ..........S..........A..........T...........U Hahaha. like we were talking about fuck grimy bitches bump all those hoes.
  15. Straight up haha chazzy boy. And if theirs really a problem PM me doggy last I checked it was done with.
  16. I can just picture him.behind his screen little white.boy tryna be thug like "Damn that Nigga splek goes hard his Shits dope" then on the streets talkin bout fuck them fools haha. Hilarious
  17. Look even chaz spys on this thread haha.
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