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  1. wrd. do you know if hes mfk?
  2. bump that tractor trailer dope shit....anyone know the first piece? is it mfk?
  3. moms holding it down......
  4. i like that gnars stuff...real clean.
  5. ghoul lewis sigh fatso
  6. so i seen this timber fr8....and noticed in photoshop theres a kerry edwards sticker above it on the waffle.....so random.
  7. i really enjoy the mfk shit....paser and timber are like my favorite combo to see..... havent caught many fr8s myself but i did a little theivery to find some dope stuff seems like these guys get a variety of cars done...gotta love that.
  8. this thread is hella gay....... hahaha deserving pannels is like saying that graffiti is only valid if you paint this way.....or that way. dont be gay. i think this dudes shit is gay but to generalize a whole part of the country by using one thread as an example is equally as gay. you all super gay. haha
  9. haha that kerse is hurt......
  10. paser/timber slaughter fools.......
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