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  1. is there any ill skate spots around town? got the day off tomorrow and i figure id cruise out.
  2. roofing... aint that glamorous.
  3. came out here to work for the summer and yall got a good scene. im bummed im stuck in the suburbs and cant really paint...
  4. yeah, i remember when portland was cool...
  5. fun haver


    pictures i might have taken in sydney
  6. fuck the portland thread, I'm staying here.
  7. niggas be defacing murals and shit..? damn sk8 hard.
  8. i was like 10 when this spot was running. loved that place.
  9. stolen, or in graffiti terms, "racked"
  10. ol rodan in that lame show portlandia..
  11. dyin over here. for sure went to high school with this girl. seen her titties and everything. wish i had pictures.
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