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  1. Shark week is by far my favorite week of the year. I've been watching that shit for at least 15 years and it never gets old
  2. Just got off work and damn I hate 21 year olds who don't tip and scoff at me when I i.d. them. Bullshit!
  3. Re: Dear ________, - no homo dear freak, thank you for the empathy, it is much needed. i'm not majoring in math, but double-majoring in business and french. what are you doing? gh
  4. Re: Dear ________, - no homo dear cg, :heartbeat: missed you too. gh dear statistics, i don't care about regression analysis. gh
  5. Re: Dear ________, - no homo Dear guy who just said "Oh my gosh, I gotta go to class, Oh crap!" Calm down and go to class. gh p.s. you're never going to get laid by anyone if "gosh" and "crap" are a regular part of your vocabulary
  6. wait, why is this thread titled "18 years, 18 years!!" just saying
  7. false, it has been at least 12 years the person below me like to booty bump their extacy
  8. with so much stuff to look at/buy, people to stare at and food to smell/eat, you can't go wrong at a flea market. looks like you had an eventful day
  9. i think the biggest threat to the united states is the people realizing their ability to shape their own potential future(s) and acting on it
  10. well then i will return the favor. we do have the "same" birthday and all. that is mad props worth
  11. i needs props too, how do i get them?
  12. edit nevermind the real worlders sucked anyways
  13. maybe next year for our birthdays i will travel out there since it is warm. it is usually cold around here!
  14. no kidding, don't you both live in california? but thanks for the birthday wishes. i would say, though, that you were early rather than late (since your birthday is the 9th, not the 12th). happy belated to you as well.
  15. i just went and looked, and isn't that just so cute
  16. how is the weather where you live this time of year? nice, huh?
  17. also, i don't really expect or want anything for valentine's day. it doesn't seem authentic and is often forced. i would rather have a nicer birthday present
  18. that is weird and funny, and we can pretend we have the same birthday!
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