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Everything posted by Ale

  1. CYM BY holdin it down SW....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Ale

    coming of age

    is everyone in TKO now???
  3. Boo Yah Syndicate!!!!!! Enyhs Myk Kaoer!!! check out ktsmtv.com -el paso spread it!!! tx boyz in trouble.
  4. ktsmtv.com el paso post this shit!!!!!
  5. Ale

    505 AREA

    I guess the guys who really get up don't post shit...505. what's up with some more booyah stuff and less permissions.
  6. old ass skae on the rusted door myk that eloise mothers day sigh that old meskoe feelin it.
  7. Ale

    coming of age

    Fuck Sevyr...Skae Myk Bozo Nest (Gets)
  8. Welcome Grave and Skae
  9. The Booyah Family Token Soke Strike
  10. Skae...Gets...that old busted Perish....Hour..Saye...Irysh...Aroe and all the other 505 heads.
  11. Jeka Ono Skae Mber . Old School 90s guys.
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