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  1. false, just finished a salad tho, so its on the way! tpbm just got their prints from their first 35mm reel in yearrrrs back, and theyre pretty happy with what they shot
  2. false shoulda done that :-( tpbm has more food than they can consume before it all goes bad. that aint cool
  3. yomommasaho


    this, for sure, the best medicine is a solid circle
  4. havent been on the oontz in about a year, this thread is easily the best one ive looked over so far, those last 2 series are really incredible, just started shooting with a canon ae-1 with a 50mm prime lens, aperture rings broken but at f/1.2 so thats just fine, ill post once i get prints. keep em comin!
  5. im like a year late, but that fenway joint is fuckin epic
  6. false, crawled back up out it tpbm has banged at least 3 chicks named claire, oddly enough
  7. false, i dont have a job where i need to hide my phone use tpbm had a very, VERY good year financially
  8. couldnt tell ya fam tpbm guilty pleasure song is crazy by seal
  9. this is the still the only sperm bank i havent been banned from HAH! tpbm has been away from 12oz watching this simpsons marathon on fxx
  10. ^^ thats a pretty good description. I was just going to call it "retarded", and not even in the sense that i didnt like it. there have been a couple films out recently where it seems like they are more concerned with the allegory or the subtext than they are with the exterior of the film, which, again, i dont necessarily have a problem with, but its not really the way to go. saw this yesterday, it definitely got slept on, i highly recommend
  11. mad true tpbm thinks this summers blowin past right now?? pssshhhh, just you wait
  12. meaning, put that shit in a hole that i didnt know what was on the other end? maybe. there definitely could be something awesome waiting for it. tpbm is having a mad mediocre summer, but theyre far from broke so thats cool
  13. naiope. no frickin clue bruh tpbm where da pussy at man?
  14. false, shit itches like a motherfucker tpbm got a crazy fuckin busy week on deck
  15. uhhh i think while i was mowing the lawn a couple times? tpbm has done something completely disgusting and never told another person about it, only eluded to it on some ratchet online bulletin board chatroom.
  16. false tpbm has heckled the shit out of a clown before
  17. false, that sounds incredibly dangerous and unprofitable tpbm has gotta pee
  18. false. actually, sort of. tpbm will help me catch up to them
  19. if that fat on that inner thigh and ass cheek be right, i dont care if that mawfucka got chicken pox real tox tpbm has been fuckin with that black moon shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kJFYUeDjQA
  20. false tpbm likes mustard and gravy
  21. this was damn good, but you gotta like wes anderson
  22. false tpbm dont give a fuck, i never have i never will
  23. false, i mop up with her jeans, shes too happy too notice tpbm egggghhhhhhhhhh...
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