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  1. more suite shit i cant see enough of that..such a dope style
  2. yeah i know but its paint,for mops,but he thinks it has etching properties cos of the random shit hes put in it.this is the right thread cos its not supposed to be etch!now will someone aswer my qustion??:o
  3. yess i got hold of colour etch,its supposed be be normal paint but its got turpentine,petrol,dot3,and hydrocarbons(?) in it and the guy i got it off says it fucks glass up good....im gettin some yellow off him soon,then il steal the recipe!!anyone know what hydrocarbons do??send it to my mail plaese cos i dont have time to go lookin for my comment again.
  4. yo i say paint in other cities as much as you can,maybe keep your shit in a friends house who doesnt write in case you get raided,but bomb a small bit so its not obvious what youre doing.if you got a big rep already you can prob hang back anyway.
  5. saw a police van go through a wall into some bushes last night,they dint look hurt though.damn.we got gone pretty quick though....
  6. this is a pretty pointless thread.and people are just gonna bite any good fill ideas.pow pow!!
  7. maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan suite is my new favourite freight writer!!!!hes the shizzle nigger whaaaat i wish i lived in canada.
  8. KntOner

    Spray Paint

    aaaargh the cheapest shit in ireland is montana and belton so i gots to pay €5.50 a can,probably close to 8 or 9 dollars.lucky asses!!!i was thinkin,would vht paint (engine enamel) be reeally weatherproof???seeing as its for high temperature shit.and i could probs rack that kinda shit aswell.
  9. bah dum dum ding,i got one hella load of sketches back at the end of the year,i can sketch better in school.
  10. will junobo mail order to ireland???that is siiick paint,i want to mke mops in various colours,but will the delivery be expensive??
  11. whyyy is none of this shit in ireland,im gonna make a mop out of dregs cans again.it hisses when i tag!!!bubbles up when you drop the mixing ball in though so use gloves and something to catch paint with...and dot 3 booyahh!!
  12. yeah i was wondering that too,wether someone is actually watching.and surely if you dont have a police record they cant put a name to the face?
  13. take pictures,but dont write your own confession,and defo dont write anyone elses.
  14. i think you should only hit busses,trains,and all that government owned stuff,no family buisnesses or nothin.im not gonna use it anyway but i dont see what the massive fuss is about really.
  15. whats the point in starting a thread to say hey whats up???dumbass
  16. KntOner


    cork and dublin shit cos there aint any irish talent on this.add anything any writer has done in ireland,or that any irish writer has done anywhere.:D
  17. yeah,make homemeade ink and shit,but pick up a black molotow burner marker like so,and it leaves a nice ghost.the ghost i have a pic of was nicer but they cleaned it so much now that its starting to fade.the best thing is that IF ITS PAINTED OVER IT SHOWS REAL CLEARLY THROUGH THE PAINT!!!so go pick one up.20 mm's of unbuffable heaven,baby.
  18. KntOner


    wow this is a short thread.postie!!
  19. maybe it was orange then i dont know. i just remember pink for some reason, it could have been gold for all i know. that would make sense,i can clog golds in one tag,on any paint. shit is fucked up,but its the shizzle for one touch,cos the paint comes out real slow and thin.i live on a diet of orange and blue fats and alien skinnys.dont like rustos,they fall out of montana valves if you have the cans in a carrier bag.
  20. KntOner

    Painting clean

    how can you net see the e??its cool.yeh thanks for the help dood,its real well written....
  21. montana dont wash out for me,goddammit.nothing washes out of my clothes,not even me.another day,another post. make a stencil and spray it with spray paint,it worked for me.
  22. it works in empty molotow markers,but i doubt it would work in a flowpen cos they use ink....get an empty molotow marker,they're cheap.its not gonna drip at all though.
  23. just steal handfuls of caps evry time you buy paint,they dont ive a shit if you do anyways.or put it on those cans of compressed air,spray,and prick the hole with a pin.i always unclog levels 5s and pink and orange fats like that
  24. nitro is the shit,its less thick than coverall and cover standard caps are shit.get a white nitro and a black nitro and do unbuffable bombs,baby.and before anyone calls me a toy there IS white nitro.
  25. the fuck are graffiti implements???does it include cans or is it just homemade markers and shit???
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