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  1. Well i was enjoying eating dinner and checking out your thread.... Until i saw that photo pf buddy shitting himself.... :)
  2. MONTREAL — The deaths of three teenagers killed by a train in Montreal on Sunday Oct.31.2010 highlights the danger of trespassing on and around train tracks, rail officials say. “This is a tragic, tragic accident and a sad reminder nobody should ever trespass on railroad property,” said CN spokeswoman Julie Senecal , noting the company polices the tracks and conducts blitzes in areas where people often trespass, but can’t be everywhere at once. She also said people often misjudge how risky it is to wander on tracks. “It’s extremely dangerous,” she said. “People think they will hear the train and have an idea of its speed, but they don’t hear it despite the noise, and it’s hard to judge the speed.” Police say five youths, between 17- and 19-years-old, were wandering along CN-owned railroad tracks in east-end Montreal around 3 a.m. Sunday when three were hit by the train. Two teenagers died at the scene while third was brought to a nearby hospital and died soon after from his injuries. The two other teens were treated for shock. Police spokesman Danny Richer said police think the youths may have been wandering on the rail tracks near the highway to do graffiti. The concrete pillars in the area make it a popular spot for local graffiti artists. Anyone have more info on this????????
  4. NS buying out a few SRYs in the post, thats a sight.....
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