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  1. that last production/what a line-up
  2. PHENOMENAL page. gettiing nervous....
  3. Is this the president of this crew? i tell you ,this guy cant even manage to NOT get kicked out of boxing matches. i admire his belligerence. R A !!!!!
  4. Don't worry. many more loads of ny writers are being trucked into ct as we speak.
  5. revenge jelly collabo/mr. eons/tenk.soki
  6. see you in camden in a couple weeks. lol
  7. PANTRA bra.... frikin' pantra ova here, PantrA!
  8. lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
  9. pro nounced it WRONG, your a mad man wongburger.
  10. LOL and you dun type pro-nounced it son they EYE talians.
  11. saw frikin rick moranis in unfairfield lastnight. who woulda thought...said he wrote a script for his own movie called, "honey i shrunk the aids virus..." who woulda thought... allegedly trying to film it in a don guido mafioso bar/rastaurant...they got those in unfairfield?
  12. hows that capitol lunch joint, is the chili "sause" all it's made out to be?
  13. someone angry with the jick...
  14. "wham bam thank you maaam" fcukin wild
  15. p.s.... irmavichowskiburyevacowski good pollock/hungarian foods.
  16. makes creds a bad fred? or makes flaco a great taco?
  17. oh word. remember my hartford nights/mornings 02'ish trying to get heads to stop there just cause it was open/convienient. looks like we didnt miss anything. diners are usually a sure shot too. twinpines!
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