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  1. yep..best production 07 so far. dope ass pacer piece.
  2. without a doubt, that is what your skeevy chinese food is delivered in. EAT UP!! MSG AND PIGEON FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. ummm... yes. ill have the macaroni with xtra vel veto cheese on it. thank you.
  4. lollol..what u said makes sense. just laughin at someone else and their damn fool ways.lol lol...cry fuckin about it..its bout time u rocked decent shit since u been paintin since 94',
  5. awwwwwwwwwwwwww..is someone angry with credito and twice?
  6. finally..a real nice update.
  7. dope jimbo. grey is the shit, so many blends.
  8. looks like shit on a stick to me.
  9. HAL= faous conputrive kritiism,
  10. doa irmavachowski piece!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. wow if irm was polish he'd be irmavachowski, i think r,ight?
  12. wow..on the last irm it looks like the M is molesting the R.
  13. we'll if fartknockers stop throwin shit all over the place, especially the guys who are to cool in the graff game to pickup after themselves cause they're shit don't stink.(the ones that get free/cheap beltons and montanas they scatter all over the place). they should put up a gate or park a truck across the entrance after dark. so after dark you have to walk in and get killed without your automobile.
  14. jive ran shit and still runs shit.
  15. it's str8 for me cause this is connecticut..where you can pack firearms legally.
  16. holy shit..VITAL is back?1?!?!?
  17. emit is one of the only reasons i write. except for the fame, idoltary, to b cool, and to b hard graffiti writers are gangster ego ego ego ego yeah and ego.
  18. that shit is no joke!! my hand stopped working on the highway one night, along with my cans...
  19. shit gets buffed fast just like new haven, it isnt like an nyc r big city like that where you got shitloads of writers/"taggers"
  20. looks like a mouse eating a cheese wheel to me.:)
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