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  1. totally irrelevant (i guess) but id like to see more walls with the pfe's and ces...
  2. meks- friends do a real nice wall, klark, the BT dudes. gotta love themo and thepfe's too. talk about working the color out on the delve, cot damn!
  3. tasty pizza! i suggest you go enjoy some.
  4. yeah, the roman guy, he's like one of those horse-people, except he's got clouds instaed of horse hooves. that's just how i see it...
  5. violent,cred,slice, stoe, soafie. good shit
  6. the roman cloud guy next to dmote looks verry flabbergasted he sparyayed himself, awesome.
  7. anyone catch the vet, mone, ....., ...., ...., ..... wall, or the utah/ether freight? of course not, but i should have a new computing machine soon, to get yall phare and balanced bill oreilly reports lol
  8. mr wok. all who enjoy mr. wok shall attend he buffet: 117 Sharon Road Waterbury, CT 06705 (203) 753-8000
  9. good shit NISE, wish i coulda flicked it
  10. just ask CRASS surveillance they were subjected too for merely performing.
  11. http://www.cnn.com/2012/05/15/justice/ex-fbi-agent-pornography/index.html?eref=mrss_igoogle_cnn ok so a former TOP supervisory agent for the FBI is allegedle found to be trading kiddie porn.... read the article, your telling me a TOP agent with the bureau of 25 years is logging in under, "pedoeoedave69" ??? a TOP SUPERVISORY AGENT, CHOSE THAT NAME? sounds like "RAILROADING" i know since after 9/11 they've employed agents to pose as rappers (yeah rappers, go back to gza album liquid swords, it made them nervous)and even graffiti writers in the name of "homeland Security" yeah just incase you didnt know there are "agents" posing as graff writers may not even be "posing" anymore, may have acquired and honed the craft... from rappers to graffiti doers+ bike and motocycle clubs Why? well they got all shook like during communism and you can thank, McCarthy for the idea and any, "counter culture" is a possible terrorist threat, with worries of a, "lone wolf" being at the top of the list. im sorry, " A lone wolf influenced through counter culture activities and ideals" so in essence we are living in the age of the thought police and a facist state. go ahead, call me mad but your just nieve.
  12. ..................................
  13. You aint flicked shit, you wtched encopn gue in his undies. lol im so glad i san troubleshoot chillers and pathetic enrons cool wit dat. lol
  14. WTF is that pentagram.....edit "coulda slandered you" chose not, wtf kwotoris?
  15. you lose, make you pay for wandering....lol
  16. it's like that yo.. i had iwo jima flicks from 1999, i had fllicks from your cemetary tunnels, i had flicks of that santaria shit by the new britain cemetary,"i up in your town, you not up in mine" im still puzzled by that shit, wtf was that in the cemetary, what the fuck was that symbol? what the fuck was that shit, illuminatti?
  17. p.s .... whereas i always flicked quality graffiti/ whether they were assholes or i had beef with them etc..., if it was "good" i flicked it. btw back when it was 35mm and you had to fork over the couple of cents for the flick, not the edit/photoshop up your graff shit.
  18. they won't, cause they didnt flick it, cause it wasn't they ares or they crew members. therefore, computed in feeble minds who don..i mean can't see the bigger picture, or choose not to. "what the fuck is e.y.p. talking about? bigger picture? what the fuck is the bigger picture? it's all about me and my graffiti friends in ct, the scene revolves hardkore hip hopping and us" hip hop hip hip hop hip hop, hip hops graffiti and graffitis hip hop the 4th element man... omg im all krsoned out!" catch you at the next sager francis show. lol
  19. some heads finally took some hartford neglected spots. i always got a weird vibe from that city. don't know weather it's from the ghosts of skumbag politicians past or present. Given im from the area (s) of where sea capatains piloted the USS. Constitution in bastan..er boston lol.
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