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  1. thats a dope OLD car, seriously, eventhough poser tom pissed on it.
  2. p.s. tom sucks, even his gf knows he's a "poser' she just settled.
  3. "hey tom, while your waiting for the venue to fill, might as well empty your winkie, on that railroader car"
  4. I-91 was basically shutdown on 10-18-2012. by chance i happened to be going thru hartford (around 7am)and saw all the "911/TRUTH" graffitti on the bridge i-beam. said like 9-11 TRUTH explosives in the tower." while i was stuck in the mess i heard an announcement on the radio that said, "all voters going to hartford are urged not to take i-91 because it's shutdown" just saying...
  5. tell ya once, not gonna tall ya again, "JR!! get down from there!!"
  6. beliam shrroms look good. hooray for beliam
  7. ges' like that still there, and even the juiced up pilot tagg on the burned out signal box to match.
  8. vet always eat all my spaghetti..always... even on sunday where u don't expect it/shouldn't be possible...
  9. jasua7 with the jive thangs! it's a jive "thanG" is's a jas "thanG"
  10. also, ouija' is currently running the ouijalano crime family(s) outta the mid-west, and looking to either align or heavily "tax" "familes" in the northeast now.
  11. NO misconception. prep for the jas7 footloose alien invasion, many kevin bacon clones will run rampant and debilitate you with esp.
  12. Anyone know if they ship non-union onions of the union pacific?
  13. Last TIME WE TRIED PAINTING MIDDLETOWN this crazy shit went down.... OF COURSE we got it on video cause it's the facebook/smart phone age, (DUH) thats Geli in the cowboy hat and flannel shirt giving shift/RPM tips.
  14. FucK YEAH!!! those old NY throws, kids today dont even rock letters/combos like that, i think i's just cause they can't, and they don't even have the desire to come up with letters that look good and be ABLE to just rock it in ONE mecanized action. sad they dont't fuckin STRIVE for the quality. ANY SHITHEAD can go out and write their name on something in some play-skool scribble, it's style and consistency that counts. just cause u picked up a paint can or marker and write your name "everywhere" with a "tagg" o r"fill-in" looking like it was done by a 6 year old with poor motor skillz, and actuality it was done by a 18+man (or woman), is just plain sadness and you should feel ashamed. Not one for seeing people get pinched, but i think it's funny when some toy "new jack" is dissing you and you figure it was just some 13 yearold pickin up a can wrting they're SHIT everywhere , then they get bagged and you read the paper and says their 26. lol
  15. hollerin' 487 with a worm in yer perm...
  16. worm called he said, "why not?", then changed his tune and said, "why frikin not?"
  17. .......................i know lol
  18. wow, hope "kids" got $10gs just to keep em out til they're next court date, if it's any lower ma&pa must be captains of industry. lol
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