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  2. i love it when they drop it like worm
  3. ^^^jiveular last many years, then a nice oreo got done right therrr
  4. :lol: ^^^maybe the Obama administration will figure out a way to blame it on Syria so another war can be started under the guise of "fighting terror"
  5. Agreed. Lets get a petition going to keep these graffiti do-ers out of hartford, theyre just going to eave those clogged spray nozzles allover the place, paint the ground, leave behind empty rock-star energy cans and then cry and wonder why when the city bans it.
  6. screw you. bump pleasantly frikin plump eye-talians able to do the frikin graffiti thing ova here oooo
  7. Bazooka Worm and the chinese food that all tastes the same...
  8. Re: WAR CIMES as NAZIS at NUREMBERG German Nazi Techno?
  9. If you return to San Francisco, be sure to pack Hepatitis in your rear
  10. SinceCOMPLEX auot-edits any image i try to post (well under 100k) WAKE UP! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6y7ENg7HmEhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6y7ENg7HmE
  11. Belium, it's pickled with cider vinegar, and or other your choice of things (u could TRY st ides) lol. but yeah pickled for a couple weeks(at minimum). caraway seeds work nice in it, or if you wanna "cheat;' you could even at that green kalmata juice to it for bite, juniper also known to be used. so u let it age for a few weeks or months, in lets say a free-mason jar(preferably provided by the fbi <in beanies and du-rag status> in a ford ex..<aka gianourmous suv>, ahem once again (preferably new haven feds)) anyway let it age for atleast 3 months, you have excellent sour patch kraut and a truckloda dudes u woulda never known were......da duh daaaaaaa.......
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