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Everything posted by herbsyntec

  1. Nakt, gyser, valet, jeks and seeing that pfffffffft still comes through
  2. This dude still rockin? Some touristy crap and these balls. There's gotta be flicks of the trains. And more stuff from the busses. Would love to see more knock, kier, scie, hiok, Mush, THC, EP, BI.
  3. These dudes go hard. Post more of them. This paint is terrible. Definitely more THC too!
  4. Bump Mush. Post some flicks of the highways in San Jose, that Retna in California....
  5. Those neirs are fire. PV Stapl Stuko
  6. When did it become cool to get caught slipping? Guess I missed that one too.
  7. When I think epic train images, I think of stuff like this...but maybe that's for the photography thread. Yes, they're stolen.
  8. That Taste with the alternating color 3-d! The new stuff Nova has been putting out!
  9. When did kids start putting instagrams next to everything they do? And can kids not rock an alphabet? Literally putting spaghetti and triangles on a wall. Moms and Oats are about the only things worth looking at in here.
  10. http://www.vitalbmx.com/videos/member/Ride-and-Seek-Episode-6,49831/kylecarlson,363 Asheville
  11. Hor ace of spades Vomet Obsoe Jerx Syke Stuk Arto painting
  12. Bump valet, bump des. That Gus over des was weak. Letters > juxtapoz rip-offs 8 years is absurd. That's your kid not seeing your til third/fourth grade.
  13. Yors Aim Nsm kids. That Amos is pretty cool. Nekst RIP Amos is tight.
  14. Forgive me if I'm off. Favorite hand I've ever seen.
  15. Ishmael, Stapl, Slie, Bersk. Stuk.
  16. You know I don't roll in those circles. How would I know this? That's about as dumb of a snitch move as Losa. Cope has become the punchline of pretty much every joke. A site trying to promote themselves as reputable would be smart to avoid the Sarah Palin of this culture.
  17. What I don't get is, if he is a known snitch, why does 12oz constantly promote him/put him out there. Why don't they distance themselves?
  18. I'm loving those fatter letters!
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