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  1. people trying to figure out how graffiti was done. funny. http://claycord.blogspot.com/2010/03/graffiti-in-claycord-how-was-this-done.html
  2. why do you paint? for other writers to see you up, or for yourself? and imagining some rich shmuck seeing graff in his town on his way to his corperate job and getting pissed off is somewhat amusing to me. for kids having to deal with such a fast buff to still go out and paint, that's pretty good dedication...
  3. just use the little button with the picture of the mountain and the sun and enter the URL address (for example http://i130.photobucket.com/albums/p249/chuco92/Picture001.jpg) in it.
  4. it was cake, but it was also all the people who kept arguing with him, all the time. instead of taking it to PM or into the streets like they all should have.
  5. damn, can't ya'll just use PMs for all that nonsense? just makes everyone involved look stupid. and speaking of nonsense, my dad downloaded some sorta spyware/trojan/lord knows what on the computer and im having a hell of a time getting rid of it. stupid computers.
  6. as a third party that doesnt really care, bringing this on 12oz all the time makes everyone involved look pretty stupid.
  7. if you cant even get up in the 925, just dont bother posting.
  8. so, uhhh.. who thinks neckface is a toy?
  9. i was just down there today, and this wasnt finished. i didnt bother taking a picture of any of that other drama, hoping that this wouldnt turn into another east bay thread. so much for that idea.
  10. they do though. but like i said, it gets buffed so quick... there is one wall along the bike path, kind of near safeway that never gets buffed, but besides that... i just saw an AWOL hollow from the bart train riding through walnut creek that ive never noticed before. i also never understood why people didnt hit that spot. finally i notice someone doing so. if i have time (not likely) i will go take a picture of it tomorrow. i didnt even know NUT was in STM. good job taking that picture. bla bla bla.
  11. that's cause there are so few people bombing out in the 925 the city's are able to clean it up in about 2 days, and if it is a highly visible spot in a matter of hours. that being said, these days i see STM crew up a lot, though mainly with markers. NUT seems to do a bit of bombing. KAO crew gets up here and there, again i see mainly markers. i do give an extra amount of respect for folks like raskl who bomb places like danville and walnut creek. rich suburbs with lots of bored cops, where graffiti is a big crime. and where the city as a large enough budget to get things buffed a lot fast than concord or pittsburg. that's just what i've been seeing the places where i go.
  12. why no one else ever paints at this spot: is beyond me. but anyway...
  13. got the train going over it and everything... nice.
  14. the thing is, say this country you move to does well, and the states start doing poorly. id say there's a decent chance that the US government/rich will do something to make themselves better off, and most likely it will be at the expense of others doing well.
  15. i was at gilman the other night and i noticed a twist tag in the office.
  16. i just didnt think it was surprising. a politician being dishonest? noooo... but i guess i missed that the video showed people voting for members of other parties. that does surprise me.
  17. to be fair, many politicians are too busy taking fishing trips and going to dinner with lobbyists to attend all the votes, so they just ask their buddies to vote for them. i imagine that it would only really be a big deal if politician A voted for politician B in a way that politician B did not want to vote. and i doubt this happens. folks from the same party vote the same.
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