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  1. Way to stay on topic guys. Check out my setup: Smart Parts ION Crossfire 68ci/3000psi N2 Empire Reloader B CP ION Sling-blade Trigger DYE C6 jersey DYE C6 pants
  2. So, does anybody play in New York? That's kinda why I started this thread; though these are some nice stories. Sliding into abunker, and two shots whip past my head. I return fire, and my shots bounce off of a bunker that he was covering behind and hit his buddy diagonal to him, and eliminated him. I then rushed the chicken and knocked him out too; winning the game for my team.
  3. Hey BOOGIE HANDS I'm selling a UHC Swat Super X9 Spring Airsoft Rifle. Shoots 400 FPS, has an Adjustable scope, bipod, is bolt action, has ejectable shells, and two stick magazines. Paid $160 brand new. Asking $115. Only been used twice. You interested?
  4. All nice stories [except CHUBBS whose just retarded], but I'm looking for teammates. Anybody know any serious players in New York?
  5. Way off topic, but does anybody here play paintball? I live in New York, and am trying to set up a team. Anybody interested? PM or post here.
  6. Nice post [if your pics weren't removed.] HEIST [R.I.P]
  7. European graffiti is amazing!
  9. Yeah. There's some nice pics in here, and some that need to be worked on.
  10. MEAN USE KERSE HOUR Bump this post.
  11. FROST! Bump this post. BTW..you've never done one of what before?
  12. What's with all of the X's?
  13. CYBER MUNKY CURVE Bump this post.
  14. This thread expanded from so little to so much in so little time.
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