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  1. _blank_


    no you idiot. one side is going up and one going down.
  2. im in. i dont have a camera but hopefully i can get around to one before sunday. post on this thread now?
  3. mr green always comin with the hottness
  4. you probably cant paint any one of these.
  5. lookin for a trade, not just pics i want to exchange packages. anyone down PM me with some of yours, i dont want any toys. get at me.
  6. anyone wanna trade some stickers PM me. i got the side of a desk im tryin to fill up. send me some of yours so i can SLAP EM!
  7. _blank_

    keep it movin

    all taken today. ill be back tommorow with more.
  8. _blank_


    the whole midwest i think is becoming real dope..but ohio is crushin shit. props to all of yall.
  9. this is lookin real nice.
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