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  1. Listening to Punk-O-Rama vol. III feeling like I'm 16 again.
  2. http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/tfr/4633570155.html wow.
  3. I like fat chicks, so word up to that.
  4. Re: random thoughts Why do people get mad when men don't piut the toilet seat down it lucky we even put it up, i don't even bother most of the time. it takes you the same effort to put it down as we take to put it up. lazy ass women,
  5. hahah. I feel the only reason that subway even exists is because the people who eat there work somewhere nearby and only get 15 minute breaks. We have a place called Primohoagies here, and they're diablo(spicy) subs are super rad.
  6. Mountain NGC that old EYE and ETHEK awesome bridge shots!!!! APES and XRAE on that thing.
  7. bummer. Innap, that pizza looks good, plain slices look perfect. pizza from a vending machine? fuck that! witchcraft indeed.
  8. Re: random thoughts I've seen the same thing on other message boards, seems universal. everyone's on their phone, and off the computers it seems. the future is now.
  9. also agree. the forum as it is is like windows 7. and nobody likes windows 8 cause it sucks, and looks stupid. also, i just hate change.
  10. Those simpson cars... hunt grape echoe acet pota percs eksrt sire xyz lyes Afrika RIP always good dude!
  11. you fancy huh? I'm wearing homer simpson boxer shorts I got from my brother for christmas.
  12. the bowl shaped like texas is such a cool idea. must skate this place at some point.
  13. the graft scene is good. There are a lot of great doctors and plastic surgeons, they can make a skin graft look relatively smooth after the scars heal.
  14. true, r.i.p. robin. sucks he could have had 20 more years of great acting and awesome roles. such a shame, addiction affects all from the rich to the poor. I could go to the bar to wash my brain of another terrible work day, but i'll feel much better not hungover. gonna just go to bed.
  15. good will hunting is one of my favorites. and mrs. doubtfire was a movie that my whole family enjoyed together. best scene.
  16. word dudes. keep busy. it's nice out, try to be outside. drink coffee and soda.
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