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  1. there is no way the puzle from autrailia has even a fraction of the ups this one does.period stolen from flickr...
  2. here you go.... http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IWQMRBC3
  3. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: i dont give a fuck if they are closed or not.....i just never recall them ever doing that in my 20 years living in this city also just heard that they are cancelling all garbage pick up in pittsburgh until further notice
  4. yea i take back the statement i made a little bit ago about it not bein to bad out right now... just went outside and cars are sliding everywhere... they are even shutting down the malls and shit like that
  5. hell yea...it hasnt left the disc changer since i got it people are gonna be sick and tired of seein it cause im gonna be bumpin it all year :lol: :lol:
  6. im gonna be listening to this for a while
  7. where im at the streets are still fucked up from the last storm....round 2 doesnt seem like it really did much compared to the first one
  8. or any cars in general....i know new orleans goes hard when it comes to partying.. i was lookin forward to seein way more pics i know when the steelers won cars got flipped, shit was set on fire, motherfuckers were gettin tasered... wheres all the pics?!?!
  9. your welcome...anyone who thinks baseball is better than the nfl gets negaprops all day
  10. he would have looked pretty stupid if they woulda lost... props to the saints tho
  11. props to the saints the last few super bowls were pretty good... for a while they were nothin but blowouts
  12. thats what im sayin...i cant handle handle another walk to the store in all this
  13. a mafia-we back pt 2 when its war season, my 44 speakin i'm the war deacon leavin niggas on the floor leakin
  14. the city better quit slackin on ther mackin and get to work clearin these streets
  15. i heard this is the third biggest snowstorm in pittsburgh history
  16. got crushed with snow...pretty much fucked up the whole weekend only good thing that came from all the snow was that they let everyone in the pitt game for free we need a national championship the snow storm hit friday night and all the city roads look like it happened last night... i havent seen one salt truck or snow plow....the city is slacking
  17. lots of good pittsburgh flicks in here... i dont know about where yinz are at, but i havent seen one snow plow or salt truck since it started snowing
  18. this is the most ghetto/worst 40 i ever drank...
  19. ima post some pics here in a minute
  20. yea you're right...im not sayin it wasn't a dumb move, im just sayin i can understand why it happened...people have gotten killed over much less
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