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Everything posted by skeedupfromthefeetup

  1. grabbed this cause it was 3.99 at target and the first three seasons of weeds
  2. Re: NHL 09-10 Season (aka pens repeat, kris draper loves anal sex) i love hearing everyone hate on crosby... let the haters hate...were just gonna keep on winning
  3. i was surpirsed the chargers let sproles go too
  4. ^^^^hahaha...thats the first time i saw a ghost edit by me
  5. ^^^word...i was kinda swole usa lost that game, but atleast it was crosby that got the game winner
  6. i need to get up on my cookin game.... everything i make goes in the microwave
  7. USA bout to win the gold in hockey...watch out
  8. its ok you cant read...your a self proclaimed juggalo, no one expects much from you :lol:
  9. that shit was classic...your boy was shook
  10. that shit looks wild...reminds me of the movie old school for some reason
  11. bump that backwards/upside down sov im pretty sure that shit rode until that wall collapsed
  12. i dont even understand what im watchin when curling is on
  13. your wildin...john q was ill bottom line.... i dont see american gangster bein anything like training day and if man on fire was good, then its good...denzel killed that role i dont give a fuck if it was the 10th remake of it
  14. what movies do these "screams" and "cold stares" take place in??? denzel killed it in all these movies Training Day He Got Game Remember The Titans John Q Inside Man Man On Fire American Gangster how can anyone hate on him???
  15. your crazy as fuck...training day was fuckin ill and denzel is that dude
  16. im lookin forward to this shit too...should be good
  17. ^hahahahahaha but cmon now...money all day...thats not even a good question
  18. no problem medicine.... and yea chopper was good as fuck
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