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  1. ^^Saw something with that comment. Possibly got the link from here.
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colin_Winkelmann from a few tens of pages back
  3. titanic.jpg x 999999999 = ^^^^
  4. Cheers from the safest place on earth[1] when it comes to natural disasters [1]
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drJ7wB2CshA
  6. Pet

    The Babble

    Radisson in Berlin Scuba divers swimming and cleaning it...
  7. If you're using this for a school report and your teacher asks where you learnt this, say it's from the National Institutes of Health. She may then give you a lecture on doing research from the Internet. I like his reviews : (
  8. I thought about making a thread with the title "post your towns still free crew" I didn't though Sigh
  9. Not quite pioneering... I read a thread about alternative ways of getting high of all kinds of substances that were practiced during the Soviet times. Like putting shoe polish on bread, letting it sit for a day. Scrape off the polish and you'll have a jolly good time after eating the bread. Or drinking octane 76 gasoline, some trained organisms can live with it... Heating washing powder for vapours; spraying some certain pesticide into beer; drinking wood stain (which gives a nice shine and tone to the skin); shaving the head, applying a rag with vodka or nitro solvent and a warm hat... But there was this talk about a certain factory that produced various alcoholic beverages and that was heavily guarded, every leaving worker took a breathalyzer test (or just breathed towards the guard), trucks searched... The nurse of the factory provided a service that included pure alcohol and an enema for a certain fee. They wrote you still had to clean the test in fifteen minutes or the you'd fail the test... Worked like 100 grams orally but generally without a hangover! Supposedly the walls of the rectum absorb everything very well, no middle man (the digestive system) that dilutes everything...
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