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  1. Nowhereland Dorpat The town of good colors - it's the official nickname the leading politics gave it, so ironic
  2. Pet

    Stockholm shieed

    All for this time... Have propably more somewhere but no time to search and upload somewhere. Thank you for your notice.
  3. First thread I've made here, so some stuff from my last journey to Stockholm. All not from the best angle, but I hope it's not pure shit. More to come...
  4. http://www.flickr.com/photos/70858825@N00/117032814/ But shit
  5. It's Lisa blowing Bart, don't you see that haircut?
  6. Check all the clean walls... Everyone talks about future styles, what if they had had styles then too?
  7. Now an HDR of an old army airport hangar, there are 28 of them + other buildings like a concert house and apartment buildings, a whole airport abandoned. Another HDR, and old pig farm building. Damn how it was smelling inside. An abandoned tunnel in Stockholm, Sweden, no better pic. Behind me is the entrance of that tunnel. There is a highway crossing above, always noisy. Propably have more, but I don't have any need to upload them, but ask if interested...
  8. Oh, sorry, my bad. Oh the shame.
  9. What's a lomo? Could you explain the word "vignetting"? Sorry, English is not my main language... :)
  10. Some of mine. You can see more at http://www.flickr.com/photos/pekseem, pics from Estonia, mainly Tartu, some from Stockholm, Sweden. None of the photos are modified in any way. No photoshop, pure camera stuff, though my camera is an usual Nikon Coolpix S1, 5.1Mpix or so. Byebye.
  11. That's right, now after looking there again I really see the text about mineral spirits. Ok. Thank you again. PEACE. Don't get so irritated so fast, chill...
  12. Dude, as you can see in my post count, I am not posting a lot, I read a lot. I read almost the whole thread (made it to the end with hopping over some pages because of the DED-fight you had here) two months ago, it took me about two weeks. The sad thing is that I bought bucket paint NOW, not two months ago and I don't remember almost anything about bucket paint written here. I only remember someone wrote something about thinning paint with alcohol, so I simply asked over, okaaay? Still, thanks, my cheap-cheap paint is not oil-based, so I'll be smarter next time...
  13. Can any bucket paint be thinnered by simply adding like 99% alcohol/spirit?
  14. I'm from Estonia. So if anyone has MSN and some time then I would be VERY interested in pics from the United States. Ofcourse I can send something back too about the local scene. petser96(at)hotmail.com
  15. I took 2 bottles of highly flammable Grog ink with me when I came from Germany. In the airport I suddenly undestood that my luggage had disappeared. "Well, yeah, it propably stayed in Munich. We'll get it to you soon." Was I nervous?
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