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  1. SIGNS SIGNS SIGNS Evening at the university. Museum day. Oh look, a familiar view At the local art museum. Variety. Sketches from Arabia The war Oh look, a familiar view Something British. One faucet for boiling hot water, one for ice cold. Oh well
  2. Took a walk around a graveyard. Always interesting to see the differences in marking the dead in various areas. It was unusual for me to see stories or narratives, informalities in my opinion, written out on the gravestones. Images, sure. This guy probably had had a tractor This guy probably was a fisherman This guy probably worked on a rig This lady probably decorated that Scottish house I posted before Stillborns, classified like this Oil rig support ships in the distance All things made clear Headstones carved out of granite like the houses. The older part of the cemetery
  3. SAFETY Train to Stonehaven, a nice place. All nice places, all nice places. SIGNS The town from far. Memorial. Why this gate, why this gate. Rebels Castle ruins. Nice. Nice. Back towards Stonehaven. Summer idyll. Julia is loved even here, far from her motherland. Cool. Waiting for the train... ...with horrible local shortcakes. Semaphore!
  4. The main street. Happened to visit a some kind of concert that had been arranged for the thing that looked like a torch that had not been lit. Horrible. Stayed for the irony. For a while. Security everywhere, fences everywhere, labyrinths of fences everywhere, security announcements over the loudspeakers between each song. A big fuck-all screen up on the streets, guarded by twenty-thirty policemen and zero (0) people watching it. Whaaaat's going on Aberdeen. Useful The sundown was nice. Granite buildings on the way back to the sleeping place. SIGNS ESTATES View from room. Next day. Past the estates again. Scotland free. A tiger! Streets closed again, something going on
  5. Stayed at acquaintances. Yeah. The Caledonian Sleeper to Aberdeen and back. The best sleep I've had on a night train ever. Here's waking up to the rolling hills already in Scotland. Expectations Reality Romantic They say the unemployment rate in Aberdeen is the lowest in the UK A very Scottish street Very Scottish Very Scottish Signs, signs everywhere. This was really strange and unusual for me, not used to signs being posted everywhere, telling this, telling that... Very dangerous. Suddenly roads closed, police everywhere. What's going on? People running, camera crew shooting, someone in the middle carrying something that looks like a torch that hasn't been lit. That's the star of the show. Hey hey the guy is waving at me whoa hey. A bus full of policemen ensuring the torch that has not been lit is safe. Hmm. Back to town. The council estates. Sum graf. Things looking dangerous How intimidating
  6. *Blasting through Germany. Suddenly, early morning ferry to the UK, followed by London with a near dead battery and a night train northwards.
  7. Yay. As previously mentioned, night train... Breakfast around in Switzerland, hopping through Germany Baseline
  8. And then a look at their new metro line which was opened in March... Up at the train station again... Now I'm hungry again.
  9. Fun to walk around randomly and take photos of tags and trash
  10. So yeah, walking towards the wine cellar area in town. There's so much wine there they pour it on the streets, it's crazy I know, wow whoa hey. Wine cellars. Almost no people which was strange. Lots of wine and no photos. Well, here's a healthy snack for you. White bread with lots of lard, salt, paprika and onion Back to Budapest. Next day, sightseeing. Up to Castle Hill Guards and photo opportunities for some Down the hill. Anyways, this one district had a "trash day". The inhabitants could bring various trash out on the streets and then trucks provided by the city drive around and pick it up for free. I guess it happens once or twice a year for each city district. But then the gypsies turn up. Some drive around and take things they find valuable with them, some just sit on a pile, declare it theirs and try to sell it.
  11. Day trip to a town called Eger. Churches. Beautiful churches. Berry season. Eating raspberries, peaches, nectarines, plums, cherries all the time. Good. This guy Up at the castle... Europe's northermost classical minaret. Another church, this time converted into a gallery A graveyard... Of course, we were in the wine area.
  12. Nice house, eh Went to a Turkish bath built in the 16th century. Obviously not many photos. Google Kiraly baths... A great place. Only negative thing was a strange Chinese man Got a bit lost, it was good
  13. Popped through the Keleti station, one of the central ones Then it rained. The town really reminded me of Paris. Nice. Cosy. Went to the suburbs to check out a place I'd seen on the net. Yay, still there. Easy access. Wave to the workers. Walk around. Then my battery died. Back in the city, along the Danube.
  14. So I made a really good omelette this morning and figured I'd do this thread thingy here. So. Even if the forum is dead. Last post in the daily pies thread was in May? Well okay. So I went on a short trip around Europe recently. Took many photos. Budapest. Sleeping place... Taken to an industrial area immediately. Brick roads, nice buildings, half-abandoned, the sun was shining. Back to the city.
  15. "Conscious inspiration"
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