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Everything posted by HellaJewish

  1. as posted earlier. i have a bush so true. the person below me has a kid(s)
  2. true and hating it the person below me prefers whoppers over big macs
  3. true...very true.... the person below me takes prescription medication
  4. ......true sorry. the person below me can eat a whole pound of bacon and enjoy every second of it
  5. true had a crush on dj stephanie annoyed the shit out of me and i couldnt get enough of uncle jesses hair the person below me liked family matters and totally liked erkel
  6. true i've watched to boys kiss before the person below me drank coffee this morning to wake up
  7. i know i didnt see that one sorry. the person below me thinks the simpons is better than family guy
  8. true...just not me...... the person below me doesnt like children
  9. true i feel really bad for them im a softy when it comes to that shit the person below me has prayed the rosary before
  10. true! thats what took me so long to reply to this one i am a masterbater with a problem and to be a jerk i shoot onto the toliet seat because i hate my co workers the person below me has caught there parents fucking. if so what postion
  11. false i have a black half brother the person below me has intercourse with an asian woman
  12. true i thourghly enjoy it. the person below me likes to smell other peoples farts
  13. false. 100 percent white. the person below me has fantasied about screwing a transvestite...dont front
  14. false. thats the problem you cant tell sarcasm on this damn thing. no worries the person below me has a small rod ( below the national average of 5 inches)
  15. true washed them last night. the person below me is a cyber bully for no appearent reason
  16. true and i havent showered for 3 days. the person below me wants to know why i am a fag.
  17. ...edit...false ... 7-11 coffee works for me the person below me loves cher's music
  18. true (ealry teens years) didnt really do anything.... the person below me has masturbated at his computer desk to internet porn and "accidently" shot it onto his keyboard/mouse
  19. false the person below me wants to touch a man/woman in a wheelchair
  20. true as fuck! my father to be quite honest. really scared for life cause i think his other had was in his cornhole could be wrong maybe fiddling with his balls? the person below me has pleasure him/her self to the girl/guy barrista at your local coffee shop after you ordered your expensive drink went home with a eruction/soak panties and went on 12oz and then masterbated to the thought of him or her
  21. false. the person below me has popped a boner in church before
  22. false. " got burnt once but it was only gohnorea" the person below me likes the weird chili stuff next to the cheese dispenser for nachos at your conveince store.
  23. true in my "curious" days (early teen) the person below me likes tofu
  24. false the person below me wants/needs e-props as a desperatly as i need em
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