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  1. med84

    Character Post

    scribe that shit is fuckin dope! on another note whats going on with this "post a full screen image of an electric box to show some unidentifiable shit stencil sticker after a really dope character that someone took the time & effort to learn how to do" bullshit. Im getting sick of seeing these eyesores, not even original pieces! half are novice ripoffs of some famed artist they look up to. http://www.medl4.bandcamp.com
  2. quite a few re-posts in there man^^ nice new shit but dont flood the thread.
  3. burner perfect? that ruined anything you could have had going for that page and dont act like you took the photo on your box of paint accidentally lol, trying to show you own montana.
  4. all that last shit was dope, glad to see some skilled artists putting work up.
  5. besides the E getting swallowed by the W that shit is fire^
  6. dope weasel! Not many can pull of letters on canvas without making it look like shit, you kept it classy. good work.
  7. med84

    Character Post

    somebody skilled at photoshop please do something with that.
  8. med84

    Character Post

    HUH? you should post that shit in the toy thread.
  9. med84

    Character Post

    thanks for that followup douche bag.
  10. I cant get past the computer drawing, I would have liked it alot more if it was on paper
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