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    a .255? I blow higher than that when i get up for work.
  2. i dunno where ya'll live but the trucks around here are cheap as fuck. they have to be, competition is fierce. been like that long before food truck television shows though...
  3. ya'll are so late. cutler was lucky for a minute... april's tits!
  4. yerba mate, very earthy, herbal. bitter though if you steep for too long / high temp
  5. that nigga in the backseat of the car pokin his head between the front seats tryna stay in the conversation wit front seat niggas
  6. nigguhs hating on a style of french fry. 12oz forums on fiyah sonz.
  7. Drinking a Torpedo now. Agree on the Sierra Nevada. Stuff is widely available and relatively inexpensive.
  8. That flick is going on 20 years ago. You know you old when it seems like interview with the vamp is only 10 years old...
  9. smash the ugly one on the left after massive booze intake. Only one with feminine qualities, such as hips. The others cause my dick to shrivel up
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