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Everything posted by Chubbs

  1. for sure in flames stage show is awesome
  2. and winds of plague fucking sucks i dont give a fuck who likes that nasty shit
  3. Ed Gein The Plot to Blow Up The Effiel Tower Immortal Souls Indwelling Tower of Rome The Sounds of Yellow!
  4. Blaise i cant imagine how you stumbled on that
  5. blind i hope you know there are maaany people who write that
  6. Re: BEAT off to the picture above you EGG brought me some lost memories
  7. haha uhh i dont think an accurate description of aliens could be made from Mars Attacks
  8. Youth Of Today 7 Seconds Bad Brains BOLD
  9. i dont think this last page got anyone cuming
  10. i dont get it. the straight-edge chick wanted your bud?
  11. Chubbs

    Spray Paint

    could you enlighten us shoester?
  12. i saw some black fool getting dome in his car from some ugly ass bitch, and honestly this dudes dick must have been like 14 inches. im not gay, but it was just not hard to miss
  13. isnt it funny how you read the most ill stories, and then at the end you get "and me and my homie were so fucked up." hahah uhh i wonder why your story was so good
  14. i hardly ever come across black decos. do they just not make um much or what?
  15. palin your shit aint flowin man
  16. you bomb on sharpies even though you got some in this pic
  17. bugs start off by getting a good camera
  18. i hope you dont plan to turn that essay in
  19. there both pretty damn good
  20. Re: Great Pictures~ nerple honestly the best picture this thread has
  21. those orange and purple sharpie paints are so terrible
  22. whats the best ink for mops on indoor jobs?
  23. is black india good for any kind of markers? i heard yes and no.
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