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Everything posted by Chubbs

  1. what did you even say
  2. can you imagine her just randomly finding this page, and finding out dozens of guys wanna fuck her to shreds?
  3. chased down by some gangsters because i was "catchin shit in our steeets nig."
  4. crazy? maybe. pretty? no.
  5. what would happen if you drank from a 50 year old coke bottle?
  6. this would have cost me like 30 bucks to send from my phone
  7. i bought a 21 year old pogo stick what now
  8. fair to midland- dance of the manatee
  9. your gay man..nothing more nothing less
  10. Chubbs

    831 cali

    damn that fools crazy
  11. Re: writers in action! :haha: :haha:
  12. Re: BEAT off into a pitcher of dog food
  13. my whole entire mathbook is my tag over and over
  14. shit all over the place...fuck yeah
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