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  1. Chubbs


    taggers are hipsters, u all mad
  2. i thought about getting down when i realized he was punking me, but i guess the drugs made me back down. he was pretty big though it was a 211 too
  3. what if you replaced booze for weed? a bowl or two before you went to bed
  4. i was tripped out on shrooms and ecstasy, walking around the streets catching spots, and this guy whistles at me. i walk over to him, he asks to use my phone, and like a dumb ass i say ok. one thing leads to another and we're walking down the street making small talk. i ask him to buy me a beer ( i was 18 at the time), again like a dumbass handed him 20, expecting to give me change. it turns out he took my phone and my money, but a tleast i got a tall can out of it. fuck drugs
  5. it's not that hard to boil bad water into good water. dumb mother fuckers are gonna dehydrate, darwin says fuck it
  6. time travel is possible in theory, but how likely are we to invent technology any where near the complexity of what it would take to harness an amount of energy that doesn't even exist on this planet, or manipulate anti-gravity.. i'm not saying it isn't possible, but i mean....come on
  7. a hand held version of this with one live fish
  8. man i know the feeling. weed cures all until your throats fucked up ha. you should get some promethazine
  9. false, i've never dated a red head. should i? tpbm is high
  10. developing your professional career?!
  11. if i ever catch one of you whiny taggers vandalizing my city i'll fuck u up
  12. my cousin was a stunt double for a few movies. he got paid bank for hardly doing shit..mainly waiting around. i've been in some studio casts for gameshows n shit, that's pretty easy..you get paid a little too.
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