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Everything posted by alldayson

  1. this is the south baby, you aint know
  2. if theres beaf, why not leave a name? it makes sense, unless your a puss puss
  3. yo jethro slangdickles said call him cause he lost your number!
  4. i know those hearts are for me horse! haha
  5. haha dont be a ***ck! slangdick holler at cho boy when your done beatin ur Gf up sexually.
  6. im sure its in VA somewhere:scrambled:
  7. :scrambled: :scrambled: :scrambled:
  8. shut it up! i know why your angry.....read the next post
  9. stop bein a lame-o BRO! that was a direct quote from a movie youve never seen, prolly have but dont know it! and god is on my side last time i checked, aaaaaaahhhh
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