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Everything posted by alldayson

  1. i heard horse is a nasty bboy though, ima come outta retirement to battle...haha for fun of course
  2. word im sayin your crew is deff something
  3. Well then i guess MC is "Toy ass garbage"???????:confused: dont think so dude
  4. your moms alil busted. wheres your fotos guy:cool:
  5. maybe my experience there was lame, cause it was lunch time, and it was way too crowded, but i did see the hottest cougar in there. like woah, made me feel better about gettin that shitty sub i got.
  6. Zero's on colley sucks a dick with aids on it. never again. but other locations are probably better.
  7. beef is whats for lunch, cheesy beafy melt, no homo so good
  8. hahahaha...no homo he is everywere though
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