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Everything posted by alldayson

  1. shut the fuck up, ahahhahahahahahahahaha Mr Maker post some funnys
  2. omg i dont even remember writing this, so sorry
  3. keep the black books for home....sorry....stooooooooops
  4. dear Mr Maker me and slangdick got beers to shotgun with you....
  5. i havent seen MR MAKER since a couple weeks ago
  6. yo HORSE i was about to make it down there but got too drunk! but yo hit me up this weekend i got some things to do if your down.
  7. well not forever, and slangdick can suck a fat bitches toes and like it
  8. slangdick bout to get wrecked tonight son.....stoooops!
  9. damn thats crazy TEX that eye has been ridin forever Bump AEST
  10. i think im drunk, drinkin with the pops is always a good time...stoooops! slangdick hit me up after dinner bitch, you know the drilly
  11. BUMP NICK 1 thats my nigga, colorado kool-aid you faggots!
  12. yo slang dick and mr bump come thru to the spot to drink some colorado kool-aid and some ButterScotch shine!
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