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Everything posted by varivaldi

  1. do your thing.....are any of these numbskulls even outside taking flix or slapping colors on some rust. possibly, or they're loooking at 12oz in between looking at porn and crying about how their moms left them when they were 3....keep at it...f the rest
  2. man those deer just run in there mid day, no hoods or masks......craziest deer i've ever seen. making the yard hot and sheeet
  3. sick bench spot in the first few....dope catches...flat Goldies for miles.....yessssss
  4. Holy crap...that bear eating that fish...damn thats a tight box......rad logo awesome post....reefers all over the damn place
  5. where were these flix taken...the state, not lookin for specifics..thanks
  6. Definitely a dope post. caught some heavy hitters in there. Ewok fr8 def makes its way around. Keep at it man, just watch the bulls and all that. Wouldn't want to see the poolice getting your name at such a young age. Stay under the radar as long as possible in case you want to get some of your own work done someday. Peace.
  7. Damn, all of those UP ARMN's make me wanna freak out.....gawd damm...ridiculous
  8. nice pix....untouched rusty metal squares, can't get enough of them
  9. nice posts allmetal....let the haters h8 and the lovers love.....props to yellowblueberry for his internet search skills.....must be hard to get stuff done in the field when you're on the internet complaining....hahaha
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